Salt Lake Comic Con Was Good, But Lacked A Human Touch

These past three days I attended Salt Lake Comic Con, one of the biggest conventions of its type that you've never heard of. It was a nice experience and I had a great time, but I also feel the need to give an attendee's perspective on the convention as it stands. » 9/06/14 8:50pm 9/06/14 8:50pm

The Twelve Anime of Summer 2014 To Watch

Once again on the heels of Richard Eisenbeis, the community of Ani-TAY is back with another twelve anime this season that you should be watching with sixteen collaborators this time, up from our previous seven. We've got ten new anime and two sequels for you to watch. » 8/21/14 10:51pm 8/21/14 10:51pm

This is One of the Best Eras of Anime, Stop Saying It Sucks

Today I came across a peculiar number of people touting the usual opinions that "anime is dead", "it's all just moe crap", and "It was better in the 90's". Speaking as a member of the post-millennium anime rush here in the United States, you need to get over this. » 7/19/14 4:13pm 7/19/14 4:13pm

If My Heart Had Wings: The TAY Review

If My Heart Had Wings is a romantic visual novel that follows the main character Aoi in his life after he returns to his hometown after years away. It's a very, very textbook visual novel plot that happens to have just the right amount of refinement to become something special. » 7/14/14 8:00am 7/14/14 8:00am

World End Economica Episode One is an Extended Introduction

World End Economica is a science fiction economics-driven visual novel that follows young Yoshiharu in his quest to gain the fortune to attain his dreams. Along the way he's forced to learn difficult lessons about the world around him, as well as himself. » 7/04/14 12:00am 7/04/14 12:00am