Gonna be the Twin-Tail! is My Hype Show

Earlier today mdubs forced my hand by making a hype article, so naturally I have to hype my most anticipated show of the season. If you've ever seen Super Sentai or the American derivative Power Rangers, then this show might be for you. It's a parody show that pulls out all the comedy it can, even the odd stuff. » 10/21/14 1:03pm Tuesday 1:03pm

Locodol was a Light Comedy, Which is Just Fine

Last season had a lot of mixed reactions from my fellow Ani-TAY compatriots, but surprisingly almost everyone I know that watched Locodol agrees that it was a strong entry in the season. It's a comedy show that draws from the idol genre to make an entertaining twist on the usual. » 10/15/14 6:40pm 10/15/14 6:40pm

In Defense of the Idol Show

It's not secret that many anime fans enjoy picking on the idol show: the symbol of the perceived decline of serious anime. I've been a fan of anime since the early 2000's and I couldn't disagree more with this consensus. In fact, some of the shows I've enjoyed most in this past year were just that: Idol shows. » 10/09/14 1:20am 10/09/14 1:20am

Xam'd: Lost Memories is One of Bones' Best Shows

Today I get the surprise joy of mentioning Xam'd: Lost Memories. It's a character-heavy adventure by Bones in the same vein as its spiritual predecessor Eureka Seven. It ended up being one of my favorite shows by Bones, fixing many of my issues with their other mecha outings. » 10/01/14 5:00pm 10/01/14 5:00pm

AKB0048 is a Lot Better Than You'll Give It Credit For

After finishing my reviews for Aquarion, I decided the time had come to try out the only Shoji Kawamori show I'd never watched: AKB0048. It's a science fiction action mecha idol show by Satelight. Yes, you read those genres right. Let's go on a science-fiction adventure into AKB0048. » 9/29/14 11:30pm 9/29/14 11:30pm

Dex's Reviews: Genesis of Aquarion and Aquarion EVOL

I took my time making both of these reviews, but they exist now. Today I review both Genesis of Aquarion and its sequel Aquarion EVOL. Aquarion is an action/romance mecha series from Shoji Kawamori, creator of (among other things) Macross and Vision of Escaflowne. » 9/28/14 9:19pm 9/28/14 9:19pm

Fall Anime Collaboration 2014

Here we go again. Tomorrow the Fall anime season will be starting. This time I'm getting a head start and forming the team early, that way we can all get committed to enjoying the season. So far many of the last collaboration's members are returning a second (and in some cases third) time. » 9/25/14 2:30pm 9/25/14 2:30pm

Salt Lake Comic Con Was Good, But Lacked A Human Touch

These past three days I attended Salt Lake Comic Con, one of the biggest conventions of its type that you've never heard of. It was a nice experience and I had a great time, but I also feel the need to give an attendee's perspective on the convention as it stands. » 9/06/14 8:50pm 9/06/14 8:50pm

The Twelve Anime of Summer 2014 To Watch

Once again on the heels of Richard Eisenbeis, the community of Ani-TAY is back with another twelve anime this season that you should be watching with sixteen collaborators this time, up from our previous seven. We've got ten new anime and two sequels for you to watch. » 8/21/14 10:51pm 8/21/14 10:51pm